The Freedom of an Independent, the Strength of a Community

Ascent Financial Network handles independent practice compliance and operations so you can focus on your clients.

We Know Investment Consultants

We have in-depth experience working with and as investment consultants. We started building our network of independent investment consultants more than 20 years ago. And many who joined us initially are still part of Ascent Financial Network.

We Understand Your Business Challenges

You wear many hats to manage your practice. Learning new technologies, keeping up with changing compliance requirements, growing your business, developing a succession plan. Not to mention helping your clients work towards their financial goals.

We’re Entrepreneurs

And we believe you should be too. Every one of our branch offices and affiliated members manages their businesses a different way, under their own brands. That’s the way it should be – you know your clients better than anyone. So you decide how to run your business and what’s best for your clients. And we design a customized support solution based on your needs.

We’re a Community

Joining Ascent Financial Network means you’re not alone. We build a community around you and leverage our collective size to your benefit. We help you transition. And while we take care of operations, compliance, technology and even your succession planning, you maintain your brand, your business practices and how you focus on your clients.

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